Synkopenkette: 2 - x - Consecutive

In cooperation with Anne-Sophie Noeske


This section introduces the 2-x consecutive exercise I designed.


As it is a preparatory exercise, it is highly recommended to first perform the exercise of the thirds:

Starting from the thirds-exercise, which resulted from the C major downward scale played in thirds, a shift or retardation of the third parallels result in a syncopation chain (the "2-3 consecutive").


In the exercise of the "2-x-Consecutive" the dealing with dissonance and other contrapuntal techniques is trained. 

The variable "x" can take on different faces, which are intuitively trained by the exercise.


Theoretical explanations of the exact origin can be found in "Das Handwerk der Inspiration" in the chapter on syncope chains (at the moment only available in German).

Due to the enormous amount of possibilities in this exercise, I will only show a selection.


In order to be able to use the exercise even more pedagogically efficient,  I designed a few bars as "gap text" to sharpen the attention and the inner hearing. It can be used as a tool for checking the learning progress as well.


It is highly recommended to transpose the whole exercise, after mastering it in the initial key, to all keys.


The entire exercise can and should be inversed. The inversion creates another exciting syncopation chain: the "7-x-consecutive".

In this way, the double counterpoint (in the octave) is trained, which is elementary for working with contrapuntal forms.

Although you will find the exercise sequence for the "7-x Consecutive" for download included in the full exercise, it would be rewarding to try to construct the exercise by yourself.


This exercise is also great for working on two melody instruments.

Exercise:  2 - x - Consecutive, with gap text (short version)

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Full Exercise

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