Duo "Gemischtes Doppel"

Anne-Sophie Noeske, fortepiano  |  Panagiotis Linakis, harpsichord

The musical duo "Gemischtes Doppel" (“Mixed doubles”) was founded in 2013 and is also privately a "duo".

The duo combines great musicality, technical skill and historical knowledge with structured, emotional expression in order to live up to the music of past centuries in a very contemporary and lively way.

Their authentic historical insights into the music play just as big a role as their improvisational-playful approach to music.

The programme ranges from the Baroque to the modern era. By adding own arrangements, compostions and improvisation the programming remains fresh, innovative and unexpected.

Two historical keyboard instruments (for example, tangent piano & harpsichord or fortepiano & harpsichord) are used for these performances.


Photo: Hannah Elizabeth Tilt